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Welcome to blog LOCA (Life Of a Caribbean Architect) a production of Awe Architects Incorporated where  we discuss Architectural subjects matters from the perspective of a practicing Caribbean Architect. Subjects areas will focus on topical issues that impact SIDS (small island development states) and  the possible Architectural responses to address the same. LOCA will also bring to focus the latest trends and technological advancements within the profession including software reviews, branding and photography tips for Architects. This blog seeks to present a balanced perspective  in a manner that information is not only suitable for practicing  Architects but students and clients alike.

About The Author

Dexter Fassale  holds a B. Arch in Architecture, a Specialist diploma in Environmental Management and an advanced diploma in 3D animation from Mohali India . He is a registered Architect in St. Lucia and a member of the Institute of Architects of St. Lucia (SLIA) as well as the St. Kitts Nevis Institute of Architects (SKNIA). With over a decade of work experience in the field, he has designed and implemented projects ranging from institutional to private homes and Villas.

Dexter is also a keen Architectural and Landscape photographer with interest in 3D Visualization and  animation. Dexter is married and is a father of one.