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Awe Architects Inc. is a Caribbean based, innovative and creative Architectural practice with operations in St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Lucia. Awe provides contemporary responsive solutions in the areas of Architecture ¦ Interior Design ¦ Planning.

We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our timeless innovations offering an alternative to some of the established real-estate trends. Our design approach is context-sensitive, taking into consideration our tropical conditions while striving for environmentally sustainable solutions. …..Read More


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Working with Dexter and Awe Architects is truly a pleasure every single time and it's a name I'm happy to have on all my projects. Dexter's love for design truly allows him to take any room, any space, any project and be able to add something that goes beyond the expected norm or even the wildest imagination.

Latreece Christopher

Awe Architects has been an integral part of our team approach in creating amazing works, meeting the most difficult time schedules and working with us to bring the costs in line with our budgets in order to make cost allocation work. This attribute is not typical of most architectural firms. Dexter and his firm go above and beyond the call of duty in examining every aspect of my imagination to meet the quality, cost and schedule. The success we’ve had working together on all of our projects (Serrana & Sargas to name a few) ensures that we will continue our long term relationship with Awe well into the future.

Janus R. Gyan

We approached Awe Architects because we didn't want the usual house design. We knew that we wanted a contemporary design but also something that looked unique. Awe Architects listened to our vision and put together a design that we could only conceptualize in our minds. When we saw the design, we thought it was perfect. At the beginning of the process we were told that we would have concept designs in one month. We were very skeptical but true to their word, we were in the office viewing our design in one month. There was great anticipation on our part with every visit to the office and I must say that we were never disappointed. The best part of the whole process was the ability to take a 3D tour of our house with our custom Virtual Reality headset provided by Awe Architects. We were able to walk into every room and view its layout. This tool also gave us the ability to look at the house from every angle. The approval process with the building board was fast due to the fact that all the requirements were met. The entire process could only be described in two words 'pure excitement'. They definitely lived up to their name – Architecture With Excitement. Thank you Awe Architects Incorporated.

Carla Berridge

Once I met Dexter, our Client/Architect relationship was smooth sailing. I always wanted an interesting and original home design. The great thing is that he recommended that we took a tour of the community of Canaries to get a feel for the traditional house designs. When we got to the beach he saw the small fishing boats, with interesting contrasting colors and being a photographer he started taking photos and that was genesis of my home project design. He then proposed a contrast between traditional home design, the modern home design and Boat/Ocean design. I was open minded so I gave him the specks I wanted for my design and left him to work his MAGIC. I was thoroughly pleased with the initial concept which only required a few tweaks and it was perfect. Dexter, also worked closely with my contractor to ensure that he understood the integrity of the design and to also be sure that he can implement the design. He worked with the contractor throughout the project which was of great help. One of the things I really like when it comes to working with Dexter, is that his design must always tell a story and in my case, so it does. I have received so many good reviews about my house that it is now becoming cliché. Therefore, I highly recommend working with Awe Architects, you will most definitely be happy with the final outcome.

Marcus Antoine